father son conversation
father son conversation

When DJ Pryor and his son Kingston were recorded enjoying some couch time and having a father-son chat, no one could’ve assumed the video would go viral. But as with most things, the cuteness of the exchange, and possibly the upcoming Father’s Day weekend, spurred the sweet video on. The video caught millions of people’s attention including the management at Denny’s, who have brought on the duo for an ad campaign.

What made the video so cute is that Baby Kingston is only 19 months old and his talking is mostly unintelligible babbling. But DJ jumped right into the conversation with his son and the result was heartwarmingly adorable, as well as hilarious.

In the new Denny’s ad, DJ and Baby Kingston are again just chatting about life — according to DJ’s translation — and Kingston’s apparent annoyance about having his favorite cartoon canceled.

How did the conversation go?

“What? They canceled it?” DJ says to Baby Kingston. “We gotta send a letter to the network and tell them they’ve got to bring that back.”

And that’s exactly why coming to Denny’s makes us feel better about that,” he explains to the toddler.

“We can just come here, eat breakfast, not even worry about it, and just talk,” he says.

“Yeah,” Baby Kingston adorably agrees.

The final scenes of Baby Kingston hugging and loving on his dad — and DJ doing the same back — will utterly melt your insides.

“You butter me up,” DJ tells his son as they hug.

It’s moments like these that make us all remember the silliness of our dads and just how important the role of a father is in a child’s development. That Denny’s brought them on is pretty special.

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