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Big Change Coming To WWE TV, Vince McMahon High On Superstar

– Look for some changes coming to WWE TV starting this week. During the Wrestling Observer Radio [1], Bryan Alvarez commented how Vince McMahon no longer wants talent wrestling during commercial breaks.

The new decision explains why WWE has been booking random best two of three falls matches on RAW [2] and SmackDown [3]. After a fall is earned, there will be a commercial and the action will stop. Once the live camera returns, the match continues on.

In the past, WWE has also used the commercial breaks to have wrestlers cut promos. No word if WWE will change that direction. With all the constant changes being made to WWE like the lighting being dimmed or the electric chair segment, there is no telling how long this new idea will last. The way WWE operates, Vince could go another direction before the day ends.

– A superstar getting lots of attention lately is R-Truth. Apparently, Vince McMahon is very high on R-Truth and he is also well liked by his fellow peers. Wrestling News [4] spoke to a source and noted how Vince has always like R-Truth.

“He is up for everything. Sometimes, Vince can tell when someone is not into what they are doing because it’s silly or whatever. You never see that with Ron and Vince loves that. I think Ron will have a job for life here if he wants it. Remember little Jimmy? Vince loved that stuff. He would laugh so hard at that stuff.”

The past year has seen R-Truth win Season Two of the Mixed Match Challenge with Carmella and the two have remained together. They started the dance break gimmick, which remains a hit with fans.

Since the 24/7 Championship was introduced [5], R-Truth has held the title six times and is heavily featured in any program. He recently crashed Drake Maverick’s wedding to regain the belt [6].