Actress-turned-radical leftwing activist Alyssa Milano just made a fool of herself once again when she demanded a new gun control law that would not have stopped last week’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Just hours after the shooting that left twelve people dead, Milano took to Twitter to suggest that the incident never would have happened if the Senate had voted in HR8. This legislation would force private gun buyers to undergo background checks just as buyers of retail do.

“11 KILLED AND MCCONNELL WON’T BRING #HR8 UP FOR A VOTE,” Milano tweeted. “Tell me again how the @GOP is ‘pro-life’ when they won’t vote for a bill— that already passed the house—that would make the country safer from gun violence.”

She then added the hashtag #NoRA.

What Milano does not seem to realize here is that the Virginia Beach gunman purchased his firearm legally, meaning he underwent a background check when he bought it. This means that HR8 would not have stopped this shooting at all, and blaming Mitch McConnell and the GOP for it is completely nonsensical.

If Milano is going to take it upon herself to lecture the rest of us about politics and gun laws, the least she could do is get her facts straight. This just goes to show once again how ignorant many liberals are when it comes to gun laws, which is why it’s so infuriating that they continue to loudly speak out about an issue that they know nothing about.

Since becoming a liberal political activist, Milano has put her foot in her mouth so many times that it’s embarrassing at this point. Alyssa, go back to acting, and leave the politics to those who know what they’re talking about!

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