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WWE Restricting Lars Sullivan Moves + MMA Star Wants Heyman Making Match

-Over the years, WWE has banned moves for one reason or another. Other times, it simply restricts moves. We’ve seen them ban moves due to injury risks or for storyline purposes. We’ve even seen them encourage Superstars to use other moves a bit more, for one reason or another (most recent example, Seth Rollins and his Falcon Arrow [1]).

Now, with Lars Sullivan [2] finally making it to the main roster after months of waiting [3], the Observer is reporting [4] that WWE officials have already asked Sullivan to limit the use of one move.

That move would be the Superstar’s flying head butt off the turnbuckle.

At first, one could think this decision has something to do with the move being a favorite of the late (and erased from existence) Chris Benoit. Apparently that is not the motivating factor. WWE has asked Sullivan to simply use it for “special” spots, in part due to the risk of the move. The risk is magnified when you consider the size of Lars Sullivan.

The downside is, the Superstar already has what could be considered a rather limited set of moves.  However, if it keeps both he and his opponents a bit safer, it’s a smart move.

-With Brock Lesnar [5] getting some time off following WrestleMania, so too has his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Following WrestleMania, it seemed like we might not see Lesnar in WWE again any time soon, if at all. There was a match lined up in UFC for later in 2019, and WWE fans have seemed to sour on Lesnar. The Beast did have a confirmed appearance coming up in June on the Saudi Arabia show, but that was it. Those plans may be changing, with his UFC retirement.

However, we might see Heyman get involved with other talent now too perhaps.

MMA fighter Cris Cyborg is now asking Heyman, via Twitter, to make a match between her and Becky Lynch happen.

We’ve heard rumors of Cyborg wanting in WWE before…could she finally make the move?