Rascal Flatts co-founder and bass player Jay DeMarcus just spoke out to say that it is “disturbing” that America has been losing its Christian roots.

While promoting his new memoir “Shotgun Angels: My Story of Broken Roads and Unshakeable Hope” during an appearance on Fox Radio, DeMarcus said that it has been difficult for him to watch the United States distance itself from Christianity more and more.

“We’ve really gotten away from the Christian principles that the country was founded upon,” he said, according to Fox News. “And I don’t get on a soap box and I’m not preachy and I’m not religious, but I am a believer and I believe being a believer is not about being perfect, it’s simply about admitting that you need help.”

“We need somebody that I believe is greater than us that sent his Son to die for us and at the end of the day that has been a strong source of strength and hope for me in my own life and I believe it can be for other people,” DeMarcus continued. “But the further and further we get from it, the more I think our country and our world sinks into darkness and it’s disturbing to me.”

DeMarcus went on to say that while he believes therapy is something that can help those going through difficult times, he thinks that faith can help them as well.

“I think [what] you have to do is be real about the situation that we live in and be real about your life and I know that when people go to their rooms and their closets and they’re by themselves people deal with deep hurt and deep pain and all I’m saying is there may be another solution out there,” the musician said.

It’s so refreshing to see someone who works in the entertainment industry preach about the importance of Christianity. Unfortunately, DeMarcus could not be more right that our country has strayed further than ever from the Christian principles that it was founded on. These days, being open about one’s Christian faith is something that is met with backlash from leftists who are determined to silence Christian voices once and for all.

Many of us hoped that electing Donald Trump as president would move our country back towards being a nation of strong Christian values, and while he has done everything he can to make this happen, Democrats have made it impossible for him to succeed. That’s why it’s crucial that we reelect Trump and give him four more years to accomplish this, rather than elect a Democrat who will surely move us even further away from Christianity.

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