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Oh No, Look What They Did To Our Beautiful Sage!

Yesterday, Sage Northcutt [1] made his ONE Championship debut. It, uh, did not go well. In fact, it lasted all of 29 seconds, with him taking one punch to the grill and face-planting.

And now look at him.


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Fresh out of surgery…I had 8 fractures and a nine hour intense operation. Feeling blessed for the amazing care and all the support from @onechampionship, my family/friends and fans! My Terminator face is not too Shabby.. 💀“I’ll be back!” Next post is catheter removal😳…stay tuned-JK 😎 [2]

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For a fighter who was about 80% looks and 20% ability, this is catastrophic. Seriously. Because why would Sage’s legions of fans tune in if not to watch his near-flawless looks? No one ever watched him because they thought he was a badass!

Sadly, now Sage looks like the rest of us.