Money In The Nutshell: Two New Briefcases In Play Tonight!

It's a big night for WWE, as it's time for Money In The Bank. With two contracts on the line, things could get very interesting for the rest of 2019.

Well folks, it’s time for this year’s Money In The Bank. We’ve got a bunch of excitement in store, of course, as we have two big ladder matches with high stakes-two new briefcases in play tonight! Will WWE give us any crazy surprises, considering the nervousness over flagging ratings? Perhaps, but it’s also possible the company focuses on delivering some really good ladder matches, and that might just be enough. Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out.

Best Match of the night:

There will be several options here.

The women’s ladder match was outstanding. A great opening match, very good overall.

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Report Card: Scores Are In
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Rollins and Styles was a very good match as well.

I liked Kofi and Kevin too, a notch below Rollins and Styles, but still top notch.

99% of the men’s ladder match was awesome. Hated the last 1%.

Worst match of the night:

Not a fan of Joe and Rey. Two straight too short matches.

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Lars and Lucha House Party lands here too, though I have no idea what that match was “supposed” to be…other than I am pretty sure the trio was just trotted out there to give Sullivan a squash to have.

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Also, Reigns and Elias with a blink-and-y0u-missed-it kind of match. Just an afterthought in the grand scheme.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

This is awesome

fight forever

Randy Orton

Star of the Night

One star has to be Bayley. First, she wins the women’s ladder match, earning herself a future title opportunity. And then, she uses that briefcase to dethrone Charlotte Flair, mere moments after Flair defeated Becky Lynch.

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Have to give a big nod to Rollins and Styles…excellent match for them, crowd was super into it.

Like it or not, Brock is back and on this list too.

Spot of the Night:

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Plenty out of both ladder matches…but the best (or worst, it all depends on perspective) has to be the sunset flip power bomb maneuver that Andrade delivered onto Finn Balor. It started at the top of the ladder, and ended through, or on top of, another. Both men took a beating on that one.

Though, Ali delivering a Spanish Fly to Andrade from near the top of the ladder? It surely will attempt to top that one.

Jobber of the Night:

Folks, we’ve finally found a good use for Lucha House Party.

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Feed them to Lars Sullivan. Rinse. Repeat.

Finn Balor better have gotten hazard pay for tonight, because that man took some of the most insane spots in the men’s ladder match.

Upset of the Night:

Lesnar winning the briefcase…a match he wasn’t in, without a hint he’d even appear.

And, all of the other participants in that match, who had to take all those crazy bumps, for nothing.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Now, this shouldn’t be a huge shock with ladders involved…except that none were involved for these…but we had some significant blood on the night.

Samoa Joe got himself bloodied before losing the United States Championship to Rey Mysterio.

Lars Sullivan bloodied himself on Lucha House Party too.

These two events will only lend credence to people thinking that Foley is resurrecting the Hardcore Championship.

And then we have what happened with the men’s MITB match. Sami Zayn stole Strowman’s spot. Zayn got taken out tonight, with most expecting it was Strowman…so who replaces Zayn? How about Brock Lesnar, who came out late, avoided all the bumps, and claimed the briefcase he never deserved to claim.

Noteworthy Moment:

Here are a few:

WWE announced during the early goings that Mick Foley would be on RAW tomorrow night to introduce a new championship. This is interesting because, well, one, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Foley. For another? Ratings be damned, I am pretty sure no one has looked at WWE lately and said “you know, I think they have a lack of title belts”

For the second year in a row, WWE had the winner of the women’s briefcase cash in that same night. Love the cash in, but at the same time, it does suck to lose that element of suspense.

Also, no men’s cash in tonight. Both men’s singles championships were over and done with before the Money In The Bank match happened for the men.

Overall lowlights:

I really, really hope the long term payoff for the Samoa Joe-Rey Mysterio feud is worth it. Thus far, I am not convinced that it will be. A month after losing a super short match at WrestleMania, Rey got a measure of revenge…in a similarly short match, but this time, Mysterio leaves as United States Champion.

Look, I like Rey. I really do. But I have like, zero interest in this feud, and even LESS interest in Rey’s son at the moment.

As a WWE fan, I have MAJOR issues with WWE now saying “what’s as good or better than WrestleMania” as a way to hype the next SuperShowDown. The last one? Was not THAT good. For another thing, I don’t care what the oil money means for WWE…protect your biggest show of the year, or why bother.

Not a fan of Brock being the winner of the briefcase. Don’t get me wrong, I get the move. I just think it’s bad.

Overall highlights:

A number of really good matches and interesting developments.

It will be  interesting to see what comes of the new title, whatever it may be. Being that Foley is making the reveal, the popular money is on a hardcore belt, though that seems an odd choice. My guess is more likely a TV title or something…but we will see soon.

Both ladder matches delivered a lot of high spots, action and excitement..even in spite of the ending of the show.

I don’t like it, but Brock Lesnar showing up will get people talking.

After the final bell:

It will be interesting to see what we learn from the Lesnar move. Is this a pure desperation play, Vince McMahon afraid of the ratings issues? Is this something more? Fans have proven that they can’t stand the part-time stars much, and unless something major is changing, Lesnar is absolutely a part-timer.

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