Jon Hamm to Star as Angel Gabriel in New Miniseries ‘Good Omens’

Jon Hamm will soon swagger onto the screen as the Angel Gabriel in the new Amazon miniseries "Good Omens," which is due to be released on May 31.

Jon Hamm swaggers onto the screen as the Angel Gabriel in the new Amazon miniseries “Good Omens,” which releases on May 31.

Vanity Fair reported that the miniseries tells the story of the Angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), who has to team up with the demon Crowley (David Tennant) to save the world from an apocalypse.

Jon Hamm Is Charismatic

The miniseries was adapted from the book “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Gaiman said that the character of Gabriel is “everything that Aziraphale isn’t: he’s tall, good-looking, charismatic, and impeccably dressed. We were fortunate that Jon Hamm was available, given that he is already all of these things without even having to act.”

Watch the trailer here:

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show this week, Hamm made it clear that he enjoyed working on the show. Take a look:

“It’s a comedy about the apocalypse so there’s angels and demons,” Hamm said. “I got to be on the angel side.”

Hamm added that he has long been a fan of the books and Gaiman as an author, so working on the show was a real treat for him.

The miniseries has an all star cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Miranda Richardson, and Frances McDormand. You can see it on Amazon Prime, where it will start streaming at the end of this month.

Hamm’s Many Projects

Hamm has been staying busy since the conclusion of his hit show “Mad Men” in 2015. He’s appeared in many televisions and movies. One of the most exciting projects he has coming up is the Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick, which is filming right now and is due out in 2020. The plot of the film is not known to the public at this time. But, Hamm will be appearing in the movie alongside actor Tom Cruise, who will be reprising his legendary role of “Maverick.”

We can’t wait to check out “Good Omens,” and to see what other fun projects Hamm will appear in in the years to come!

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