Country music star John Rich has just released a new song that Americans everywhere can relate to, and it’s already a chart-topping hit!

Over the past few years, liberals everywhere have been talking about politics nonstop. Hollywood liberals can’t stop lecturing the rest of us about politics, and even football games have become politicized events for liberals to launch various types of ridiculous protests. That’s why Rich teamed up with Fox News host Greg Gutfeld to write the new hit song “Shut Up About Politics.”

Rich debuted the song on “The Five” on Thursday, and it’s already soaring up the charts. When asked about Gutfeld’s input, Rich said, “We had the chat about it would be fun to come up with a song when you guys came to Nashville and you [Gutfeld] said, ‘I’ll send you some ideas’ … and you had some really good lines and ‘shut up about politics’ was in there and so I pulled that one out and built the song.”

The country music singer went on to say that all proceeds of the song will be donated to the nonprofit Folds Of Honor, which gives out scholarships to children and spouses of fallen and disabled service members.

“Well, we thought if we’re going to go through this whole process of recording it, why not go ahead and put it up online where people can download it? It’s 99 cents and 100 percent of that 99 cents goes to these guys — to Folds of Honor,” Rich said.

The song has resonated with audiences more than anyone could have imagined, as it’s already number one on the country music charts and number two overall! Rich took to Twitter to express his surprise and excitement at how well the song is doing.

The success of this song just goes to show how sick and tired most Americans are of liberals politicizing everything. There is a time and a place for politics, but it does not belong at things like sporting events, family gatherings, and award shows. We can only hope that the radical liberals of Hollywood and Democrats in the rest of the country take the hint and finally SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS!

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