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Interesting Note About Bray Wyatt’s New Gimmick, Eli Drake – WWE Update

– After a lengthy absence, Bray Wyatt returned to TV [1] in taped segments. Now, Wyatt is a using a “Firefly Fun House” gimmick [2]. The gimmick is like Mr. Rogers with a psychotic twist. It certainly has gained the attention of fans, with Wyatt yet to return inside the ring.

There is an interesting theory floating around about Wyatt’s new gimmick. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter [3] heard from a therapist about how parts of Wyatt’s promo could reflect PTSD. The report stated:

“One therapist noted that ‘Special place’ is a standard coping skill used for trauma. The art work of the house in fire is also related to trauma therapy. Putting his hands over his heart is a reference to butterfly hugs, which are used for PTSD therapy involving bilateral stimulation.”

Wyatt recently painting a burning house and constantly referring to forgiveness [4] are also traits that people with PTSD do. Some even think the old Wyatt might return as he could ‘snap’ or WWE could go with the split personality storyline. 

With WWE very careful of concussions and PTSD [5], it would be bit strange for them to book a character in such a way. We will just have to wait and see what WWE has planned. In the meantime, we have lots of interesting video segments on the “Firefly Fun House” gimmick. 

– Eli Drake is no longer part of Impact Wrestling after his contract was terminated a few weeks ago. There had been issues with both sides for months and when Drake publicly spoke out about refusing to work intergender matches, that seemed to be the final straw.

According to Fightful [6], WWE is interested in brining Drake back to the company; especially considering how strong he is on the microphone. A major holdup is that they want Drake to first resolve any contract issues with Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling is currently holding Drake in breach of contract, which means he is unable to sign with another promotion until 2020; unless a comprise is made.