In the entertainment world, it’s rare to see any famous person who is willing to defy leftwing Hollywood by speaking out in favor of Donald Trump. Luckily, the Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” fame does not give a hoot about what Hollywood liberals think of them, which is why they just spoke out to praise Trump for all the good that he’s done for our country.

Jase, Al, and Phil Robertson just sat down with Fox Business to praise Trump for being a champion of religious freedom.

“We’ve spoken to President Trump about matters of faith. I would say that he is a work in progress,” Phil told host Stuart Varney. “You’ve got to remember, Stuart — all have sinned and fallen short of the glory God – all men.”

The Robertsons have made it their goal to spread the word of Christianity through television news, and they said that Trump has this same goal as well.

“That’s how we got to know the Trumps,” Jase explained. He went on to say that the first of “many” meetings with Trump and his family happened after security escorted him out of a Trump hotel because they mistook him for a homeless person.

“They reached out to me and then we started having these spiritual discussions because that’s what we’re all about,” Jase said of the Trumps. “And look, here’s the deal — they’re open. And that says a lot. You know when you’re close-minded … you don’t want to even entertain the thought of that. You can’t do anything.”

When Varney asked the Robertsons if Trump or members of his family move spiritually towards a statement of faith, Al replied emphatically by saying, “No doubt about it.”

“And I believe the president is on a journey and I believe God’s a part of that journey and I think you see it in what he’s done for America,” he continued. “Dad’s right…[For] 25 years I’ve been a pastor. I’ve been looking for people that have said they’re going to do something spiritual for our nation and didn’t do it — politician after politician — this is the first man — Donald J. Trump, that’s done that.”

It’s so refreshing to see public figures like the Robertsons publicly praise Trump for being the good Christian that he is. Liberals in the media are constantly trying to make Trump look immoral and evil, but in reality, he’s arguably done more for religious freedom than any other president in modern history. That’s why it’s so crucial that we reelect Trump in 2020 and give him another four years to help Christians and make our country great again!

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