Bellator 221 Results: Douglas Lima Proves Michael Page Is No God With Crushing KO

Up until now, Michael Page has been a virtually untouchable striker who ate lesser man for dinner. Then Douglas Lima knocked him out.

For a while there, it seemed like Michael “Venom” Page was some kind of diety walking among mortals. Sure, for much of Bellator career he was fed tomato cans. But when his competition got stiffer, he rose to the occasion. And man oh man can the dude strike.

But last night, at Bellator 221, Page took on former champ Douglas Lima–a fight that was part of the ongoing welterweight tournament. And though it took a little more than a round to do it, Lima dispelled any myths about Page’s godlike offense and seeming invincibility.

Page certainly scuffed his foe up in the first, dancing around the killer striker until Lima was forced to take things to the ground. But even there Page avoided trouble.

Then came Round 2, and after wobbling Lima with a flash of lightning (i.e., a punch), Page appeared ready, willing and able to visit destruction upon the human before him… That is, until Lima kicked out his lead leg. It was there, in that brief moment that Page was on his knees and about to rise, that Lima clocked him in the dome with a fist. That was all it took. Page was out.

It’s cool that Lima now advances in the tournament, but that seems like less of a big deal than him actually knocking out the fighter who thus far had been untouchable.

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