Cosplay of the Day: Anastasya Zelenova as Red Sonja

Today's cosplay of the day is Anastasya Zelenova as Red Sonja.Take a look.

Today’s cosplay of the day is Anastasya Zelenova as Red Sonja.

Take a look.

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«I know my future, you have none» 🔥 Мне всегда нравились сильные боевые персонажи, вот и Рыжая Соня не стала исключением. Это был день съёмок когда все шло не так, но в итоге результат превзошёл все ожидания! Спасибо потрясающей мастерской @plasticarmory , которые создали для меня этот костюм (да он не совсем каноничный мы добавили и заменили некоторые детали, но от этого он мне нравится даже больше) Как вы считаете?🔥 Ph: @oltaura 💥 Edit: @alicenevermind 🌟 Costume: @plasticarmory 🔸 I like female strong characters, that's why Red Sonja was no exception. It was a day of shooting when everything went wrong, but in the end the result exceeded all expectations! If you want to see more check out my Patreon (link in bio)🔥 #redsonja #redsonjacosplay #redsonja_comics #redsonjaofficial #cosplay #cosplaygirls #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #instacosplay #badassgirls #badasscosplay #cosplayoftheday #comicscosplay #comicscosplayer

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Все мое детство и почти до сегодняшнего времени я жила в городке вокруг которого лес, поля, озера, поэтому я безумно люблю природу, всегда приятно возвращаться из шумной Москвы☺️✨ А вы бы предпочли где жить?🌟 Ph: @oltaura 🔸 Edit: @alicenevermind 🔸 Costume: @plasticarmory 🔸 Do you prefer live in the city or the countryside?🔥 #redsonja #redsonjacosplay #redsonja_comics #cosplay #cosplaygirls #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #cosplaygirl #instacosplay #badassgirls #badasscosplay #comicsgirl #comicscosplay

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More Red Sonja photos🔥 Ph: @oltaura 🌟 Edit: @alicenevermind ✨ Costume: @plasticarmory 💥 Full photoshoot with exclusive photos is already on my Patreon (link in bio) Right now our team are preparing for the next photoshoot, guess character 😏 Почти всю сьемку уже можно увидеть у меня в паблике в Вк, а мы тем временем нашей командой готовим новый фотосет, угадайте кого снимаем☺️ #redsonja #redsonjacosplay #redsonja_comics #redsonjaofficial #redsonjapinup #redsonjacomics #cosplay #cosplaygirl #instacosplay #cosplayoftheday #badasscosplay #sexycosplay #redhead #readheadgirl #comicscosplay

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More Red Sonja photos😏 Ph: @oltaura 💥 Edit: @alicenevermind ✨ Costume: @plasticarmory 🌟 Can’t wait to see you my new Brigitte’s photoshoot, but it will be only on August. Do you want to see?😏 Буду на ВК фесте в эти выходные, безумно неожиданно, но приятный сюрприз! Сможете меня найти на стенде Лары, пожелайте нам удачи, чтобы мы успели доделать новый костюм🔥 Кто идёт на ВК фест? #redsonja #redsonjapinup #redsonjacomics #redsonjacosplay #redsonja_comics #comics #comicscosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplay #cosplayoftheday #cosplayinstagram #instacosplay #badass #badasscosplay

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Red Sonja was originally created by Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith for Marvel Comics back in 1973 and was based off Robert E. Howard’s Red Sonya of Rogatino and Dark Agnes de Chastillon. She made her first appearance in Conan the Barbarian #23.

The character would crossover into novels in 1980s in a story written by David C. Smith and Richard L. Tierney.

Red Sonja would eventually get her own feature film and would be played by actress Brigitte Nielsen in 1985. There have also been television and animated adaptations.

Red Sonja’s character design is iconic with her bikini scale mail armor. However, Red Sonja did not originally have this design. It was actually a fan submission by Spanish artist Esteban Maroto. The iconic design seen in Anastasya Zelenova’s cosplay first appeared in Jim Steranko’s Comixscene #5. Maroto would depict Red Sonja in the costume in Savage Tales #3 and Savage Sword of Conan #1.

Robert E. Howard described Red Sonja:

“Tall, splendidly shaped, but lithe… with rebellious tresses that rippled red gold in the sun over her compact shoulders. She stood as a man might stand, booted legs braced wide apart, thumbs hooked into her girdle, but she was all woman.”

Red Sonja

Red Sonja became the fierce battle warrior after her home in the Western Hyrkanian steppes was attacked and burned down by a group of mercenaries. Not only did the mercenaries kill her family, but they also raped her after she was unable to lift her brother’s sword to defend herself.

Red Sonja cried out for vengeance and her calls were answered by the red goddess Scáthach, who grants her supreme fighting abilities, on the condition she cannot sleep with a man unless he defeats her in combat.

A new Red Sonja film had reportedly been in the works from director Bryan Singer, but the latest reports indicate the film is currently on hold.

What do you make of Anastasya Zelenova’s Red Sonja cosplay?

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