Former football player Colin Kaepernick continued to push the narrative that he has been “blacklisted” from the NFL for racist reasons this week when he retweeted a blatant attack on two NFL stars who actually still have jobs playing professionally.

The New York Post reported that Kaepernick retweeted an attack on guard Richie Incognito, who was just signed by the Oakland Raiders, and on defensive end Nick Bosa, who was signed by his old team the San Francisco 49ers this season.

“The ‘Progressive’ Bay Area NFL teams have opened their arms to MAGA maggot Nick Bosa and Richie ‘I openly call teammates N—er’ Incognito. Meanwhile Kaepernick’s Blackballing from the NFL (during the PRIME of his) was for the ‘crime’ of wanting Black folks to stay alive,” the tweet stated.

Both Incognito and Bosa had found themselves embroiled in scandals recently. Incognito retired in 2017 and was involved in an infamous bullying scandal with the Miami Dolphins in 2014 when he was accused of relentlessly bullying a teammate. Meanwhile, Bosa came under fire this year when it was revealed that he had posted tweets praising Donald Trump in the past and had criticized Kaepernick on social media as well. Though Bosa was simply voicing support for the sitting president and criticizing a professional athlete in his tweets, liberals have been enraged that the 49ers would dare to give a pro-Trump, anti-Kaepernick figure a job.

What Kaepernick has never seemed to understand is that politics is not relevant to the sport of football. His “blacklisting” has little to do with his radically leftwing beliefs, and far more to do with the fact that he was a sub-par quarterback who led the 49ers to a losing record during his final season playing. His infamous national anthem protests are just the icing on the cake, as they are a major distraction that is not worth any team taking on in return for a less than talented player like him.

Clearly, the 49ers could not care less that Bosa is a Trump supporter and that Kaepernick is a race-baiting liberal. Instead, all they care about is having the most talented players as possible on the field. Kaepernick can make this about race and politics all he wants to, but at this point, he’s just making excuses for himself. For a liberal like Kaepernick, playing the victim is far easier than admitting that he’s not as talented at football as he thinks he is.