WrestleMania 35: Why Was it so Short?

Fans unanimously expected a much more comprehensive day of sports-entertainment...

WrestleMania is the grandest sports-entertainment spectacular of the year, but Sunday’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it incarnation of the event left many fans wondering if its duration is just too darn short.

Upon the completion of the main event — a mere nine hours and 48 minutes after the event’s opening bell — fans erupted into a chant of “That was too short (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”

An online petition has already gained thousands of signature from attendees demanding refunds, claiming the show was “clearly rushed” and “ended much sooner than anyone anticipated.”

wrestlemania results
Becky Lynch holds up her championships as the sun rises over New Jersey at 5:22am.

Fans unanimously expected a much more comprehensive day of sports-entertainment, but were instead given only a pre-pre show, a pre-kickoff show, a kickoff show, a kickoff post-show, and the WrestleMania show itself.

“Lame,” said one fan leaving the MetLife Stadium following the 2am main event. “Guess I didn’t have to bring a toothbrush and change of clothes after all.”

Fans in attendance were also vocally angry over lighting in the MetLife Silverdome Center  Stadium, which they deemed not bright enough.

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