We Almost Lost an MMA Fighter This Week

Angela Magana flamed out of the UFC and generated tons of ill-will, but she fell into a coma this week and we almost lost her, and that would've sucked.

She may be an unlikable wench, but Angela Magana is still a fighter and a mom and this week we almost lost her.

The UFC vet – who picked a fight with Cris Cyborg then tried to call the police when Cyborg stepped to her – went in for a surgical procedure related to spinal issues. But Magana had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and wound up in a coma.

Her team was posting updates, and they were kind of scary. Who doesn’t fear going under for surgery and never waking up? And Magana was living it!

Thankfully, Magana has since woken up, and she’s posted a video thanking everyone who was concerned for her.

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