Should Terrorists Have the Right to Vote? Liberals Answer

Would you let a convicted rapist or terrorist babysit your child? That seems like a fairly straight-forward and easy question to answer, but if you’re a Democrat these days, not so much. Infowars’ Kaitlin Bennett took to the streets to ask some freewheeling and super-trusting liberals if they’d let a convicted felon near their children and the recurring delayed response makes one wonder if they should be in charge of minor children themselves.

Seeing how trusting liberals are of rapists and terrorists, it’s not surprising that they are also now jumping on the idea that the worst kinds of felons ought to be able to vote while serving their time in prison. Recently, Democratic 2020 hopefuls, most notably self-described democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, have taken to promoting the idea that those convicted of crimes so reprehensible that the State has deemed they deserve to lose their freedom, ought to still maintain their ability to vote.

“Honestly, I’m pretty fried right now,” one man responded.

Of course, many of those Bennett interviews flip the question around to talk about those who have served their time behind bars or on parole and have re-entered society, hopefully as productive and law-abiding members, a policy that is even supported by many Republicans. Bennett is asking about the specific policy Bernie Sanders and other liberals have endorsed: Should those actively serving time retain their voting privilege?

Some refused to talk to Kaitlin as she revealed the person she was talking about was their “boy Bernie.” If you don’t know your position on a policy until you find out who supports it, maybe you shouldn’t be voting either.

Others admitted they were too high — in public, mind you — to contemplate the question. If that guy votes, maybe our barrier to voting is already low enough.

Who Bernie and his fellow Democratic contenders are trying to curry favor with by advocating that rapists, murderers, and terrorists ought to be actively voting, is unclear. With enough Americans appalled at the idea, they could wind up making the 2020 reelection of the Republican incumbent a breeze.

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