Sasha Banks Current WWE Contract, Liv Morgan’s SD LIVE Snub

How long is Sasha Banks current WWE contract? Also, Liv Morgan responds to the fact that she did on appear on this week's SmackDown LIVE.

– There has been a huge buzz around Sasha Banks as of late. After she lost her Women’s Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania 35, reports surfaced that she wanted to leave the WWE, and was not happy around the booking of her character.

She hasn’t appeared on WWE television since the Grandest Stage of Them All, and this could mean she’s still on a break from the company, thinking about her future and trying to figure things out; or she could be at home trying to ride out her contract as it seems the WWE won’t release her.

Having said that, she may just be waiting for a long time, as company contracts stipulate that superstars can’t go anywhere else to work within the duration of their deals. This also means that the WWE could “hold” The Boss against her will, as the company can extend contracts due to time missed time from injuries or other things that affect appearances within these deals.

It’s interesting to note that Wrestle Votes on Twitter posted something last May in regard to Banks signing a new multi-year WWE contract; therefore, it may be very difficult for The Boss to get out of her deal with the company, and they may have her tied to it for a long while.

– Speaking of someone who may not be happy with the booking of her character, former member of the Riott Squad, Liv Morgan, jumped over to SmackDown LIVE during last week’s Superstar Shake-Up. Much like her old faction members Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott not appearing on RAW this past Monday, Liv wasn’t shown on SD LIVE either.

Thankfully, Morgan wasn’t too upset over the SD LIVE snub. She jumped on Twitter to relay this message:

Here’s hoping things change fast when it comes to Liv Morgan and how WWE Creative books her moving forward. She’s a fantastic talent that deserves singles success on Team Blue.

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