UFC on ESPN+8 Results: Greg Hardy Earns First UFC Win… Without Having to Cheat!

Greg Hardy finally got a UFC win, and he did so without cheating. Great. Now bring on the legit opponents so this woman-beater can get destroyed.

The UFC really, really, really wants Greg Hardy to be a thing. Because of course they do – he’s an ex-NFLer, and there’s a lot of crossover value to that. But he’s also got some domestic violence skeletons in his closet, and his UFC debut ended with a loss via disqualification because Hardy and rules don’t seem to mix.

But! The UFC brought him back for their Florida show, because if any market will be accepting of a cheater/woman-beater, it’s Florida. So they called up one of their old heavyweight division washouts in Dimitry Smolyakov, and put him in the cage against Hardy, and we got this:

Seriously, it’s good that Hardy finally got that win. Because it’s going to be so satisfying when Hardy faces a legitimate fighter and gets creamed, and then he loses his sh*t and beats up the first woman he sees on his way back to his locker room.

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