Did CM Punk compete in WrestleMania battle royal as “Kalisto”?

CM Punk has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations...

Despite publicly declaring that he would “never ever ever” compete again in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), new evidence has emerged that CM Punk made an incognito return under a mask in the recent Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

“It is 99 percent certain that Punk portrayed Kalisto at ‘Mania,” writes veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “And my certainty is correct 24 percent of the time.”

Punk has reportedly been venturing back into the world of sports-entertainment, having performed a “GTS” at a recent independent event, and he is believed to be the puppeteer controlling a buzzard puppet in recent cryptic teasers on WWE programming.

CM PUnk return
A telltale Pepsi tattoo on the upper arm of “Kalisto” suggests the luchador may have been a disguised CM Punk.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the WrestleMania pay-per-view earlier this month noticed that “Kalisto” had a telltale tattoo of a Pepsi logo on his upper arm — one of Punk’s distinctive pieces of skin “art.”

Several fans sitting at ringside — including long-haired Simon, his mom, and green smiley shirt guy — heard Kalisto holler “best in the world” while being thrown out of the match.

Punk has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations that he is returning to WWE, which we will interpret as a full confirmation that he has re-signed WWE.

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