Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins something something something

"Ooh, something something something!"

Fans of professional wrestling are abuzz this week after candid photos emerged of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins something something something.

The two WWE champions appeared to be doing something somewhere together at some point, and then a whole bunch of nobodies on the internet were, like, “Ooh, something something something!”

According to veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, rumors are swirling that Lynch and Rollins are “words words words,” leading many fans to speculate about blah.

becky lynch seth rollins
Above: binary data converted into pixels creating a two-dimensional visual representation of some shit that happened somewhere.

Tweeted one fan: “Misspelled exclamation of surprise followed by seven heart-based emojis.”

Lynch and Rollins have not commented publicly about the thing or the related stuff, nor should anyone give a crap if they did.

A backstage source close to both Lynch and Rollins said: “Unverified and unimportant information based on hearsay, which will almost certainly turn out to be untrue.”

We will stay on top of this story as it continues to not develop or matter.

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