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15 Of The Greatest WrestleMania Moments In History

For 34 years, WrestleMania has produced moments that have defined careers [1] and changed the landscape of WWE [2]. Some of these unforgettable events are still referenced 30 plus years later. As we prepare for WrestleMania 35 [3] and another round of historic moments [4], here are the 15 greatest thus far.

Eddie Guerrero And Chris Benoit Leave As World Champions

Creation Of Money In The Bank

The Rock Vs. Hulk Hogan In A Battle Of Icons

Hulk Hogan Slams Andre The Giant

Undertaker Once Being Undefeated With 21 Consecutive Win

End Of An Era Hell In A Cell Match: Undertaker Vs. Triple H

Daniel Bryan’s YES Movement Triumphs

Ultimate Warrior Returns, Twice

Randy Savage Reunites With Miss Elizabeth

Shawn Michaels Ends Ric Flair’s WWE Career

TLC Changes the Game

Ultimate Warrior Cleanly Pins Hulk Hogan

Shane McMahon Jumps Off Hell In A Cell

Shawn Michaels And Bret Hart Last Over An Hour

Bret Hart And Steve Austin Double Turn