WWE Heel Rumored To Turn Face, Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour

There has been talk of turning Andrade into a face as WWE sees better opportunities. Also, Kurt Angle will be having a farewell tour.

– We know that Kurt Angle will retire from wrestling at WrestleMania 35 and his opponent will also be reveled this coming Monday. While the opponent is not confirmed, John Cena seems like the obvious choice with Undertaker and some NXT names also being listed.

With several weeks until Angle has his retirement bout, it appears he will continue to wrestle on RAW. The following was sent out to hype Monday’s RAW.

Apollo Crews was first to challenge The Olympic Hero on his four-week retirement run, ultimately falling to the Angle Slam at the end of an intensely competitive match. Who will Angle face next?

Angle was able to defeat Crews in-front of a hometown Pittsburgh crowd. No word on who will challenge Angle on this week’s RAW. As for the Olympic gold medalist’s future, he addressed that during a recent Facebook Q&A.

“I think I might hang around WWE to help behind the scenes,” said Angle. “Maybe manage younger talent on the show. I will stick around the business, regardless.”

Angle has clearly slowed down inside the ring and retirement is probably the best decision. With his knowledge, he could be very helpful with assisting NXT superstars making that next step towards the main roster.

– There is talk of turning Andrade into a face down the road according to the Wresting Observer Newsletter. The belief is while Andrade has the potential to be a major star, they see him getting over better as a face.

Andrade worked as a face in NXT until being paired with Zelina Vega. That is when Andrade showed a more aggressive side and it led to a run with the NXT Championship. 

Since joining the main roster, Andrade continues to impress officials; especially when working with Rey Mysterio. There has been speculation the two could meet at WrestleMania 35 in a gimmick match.

Since WWE has Mysterio and he is healthy, they might be hesitant on having two faces for their Spanish market. If anything happens to Mysterio, it seems like WWE could quickly turn Andrade face.

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