WWE Considering Removing Renee Young? + Curious Names At Fastlane

With Dean Ambrose still firmly on a course to exit WWE, could the company be looking to remove Renee Young from the announce team? And who was at Fastlane?

-It was a big deal when WWE experimented with Renee Young on the announce team for RAW. The experiment, in the opinion of many, has worked out very well. Young became the first full-time female announcer. She actually managed to work from the announce position during the last show in Saudi Arabia, when no other female talent worked. All things considered, she’s done well in her new position.

However, WWE is rumored to be considering removing Renee Young from the table.

The report was covered in several outlets, notably Rajah and Ringside News.

There could be several reasons for even considering a change. The most obvious would be related to the expected departure of Dean Ambrose, who happens to be Young’s husband.

Also, it has been rumored that Ambrose may be re-considering his decision to exit. It’s possible WWE could be considering removing Renee Young because he might stay, as there has been plenty of mention during broadcasts of the relationship between Young and Ambrose. It’s possible that someone in WWE doesn’t like that being a regular part of the announcing. Considering how Vince McMahon notoriously feeds lines to the commentators, however, one would tend to think if it’s making it on air, it’s likely that Vince approved.

Whatever the reason for the change being considered, here’s hoping WWE doesn’t go through with it. Renee Young has been a welcomed addition to the team.

-Many times, following a PPV, we hear of some interesting names backstage. For Fastlane, things were no different. In this case, however, we got a couple names. One of which was a most unexpected name.

Pro Wrestling Insider reports that Shad Gaspard, one half of Cryme Tyme, was backstage. The WWE Universe has not seen Gaspard in nearly a decade. He’s not local to Cleveland, so having him backstage is certainly curious enough.

Another less curious name reported to be backstage was former champion Christian. Nothing came of that visit, and it’s possible he was in town with former partner Edge. Edge’s spouse, Beth Phoenix, worked commentary for the women’s tag title match and ended up getting physically involved during Fastlane.

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