UFC President Dana White: Daniel Cormier Will Fight Brock Lesnar

After UFC 235, Dana White spoke to the media and said that he owes Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier a fight with Brock Lesnar.

After last night’s UFC 235, Dana White spoke to the media. Like most of those meetings, someone wanted to know the status of Brock Lesnar. While White did not come out and say that Lesnar was returning, he implied that the idea remains for UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier to take on Lesnar; but no date was announced. 

“I think that Brock and Cormier want that fight,” said White at the post UFC 235 media scrum. “I owe Cormier a lot. Cormier wants that fight so Cormier’s going to get it.”

The possibility of a return goes back to UFC 226, when Cormier won the title. Minutes later, Lesnar was allowed to enter the octagon and he pushed the new champion. Security separated the two before things got more heated. Since then, Cormier has taken shots at Lesnar, claiming he wants the Universal  Championship and mentioning how much smaller “The Beast” looks.

Lesnar was suspended and unable to take a MMA fight due to failing several drug tests leading to UFC 200. The suspension is over and all Lesnar needs to do is pay the $250,000 fine.

With Lesnar, it is always tough to predict what is next. In the past, Lesnar has been able to work for the WWE and UFC because of the special clauses in his contract. That could be the case right now or Lesnar might be waiting to see which company can make him the best offer.

We know Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins is set for WrestleMania 35, but there is no word if “The Beast” will stick around past April 7. Lesnar will likely make his decision the week of WrestleMania 35 as it gives him more leverage when negotiating a contract; whether it be for WWE, UFC or both.

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