Harley Race Has Terminal Lung Cancer, No Second Evolution PPV?

Wrestling legend Harley Race was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer according to Ric Flair. Also, there seems to be no second Evolution PPV for 2019.

– In 2018, WWE produced their first ever all female pay per view called Evolution. Not only was it a first for WWE, but the show received a positive response and featured an unforgettable Last Woman Standing Match as “The Man” Becky Lynch defeated “The Queen” Charlotte Flair.

As of now, it appears that WWE will not be hosting a second card in 2019. Rajah reports that nothing is listed on WWE’s schedule and there are no plans to move forward with a second installment of Evolution.

There is a chance WWE could always change some dates around, but they want to promote such an important show (like they do with their traditional pay per views) several months in advance to help with ticket sales while building towards major storylines. 

If WWE does indeed not pursue a similar show, then maybe it was something they wanted to cross off their list. Since WWE refocused their attention on the women’s division, we have see them take part in matches like the Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and so much more. Still, I would pay to watch another all women’s pay per view.

– On Friday, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were part of Q&A during a Legends of the Ring event from Atlantic City, New Jersey. At one point, Flair mentioned how his friend and wrestling legend Harley Race was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Race, who competed for almost every wrestling promotion around the country and is considered one of the toughest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, has been declining health over the years. The former seven time NWA World Heavyweight Champions fell in June of last year, resulting in him breaking both his legs. He is still recovering from the fall.

Everyone at WrestleNewz sends their best wishes to Race, who is one of the most respected wrestlers from his era.

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