Dear WWE Creative, #Kofimania Equals Out To WWE Gold

Dear WWE Creative, #Kofimania Equals Out To WWE Gold. Will Kofi Kingston's momentum lead him to winning the WWE Championship come Wrestlemania?

Dear WWE Creative,

We’re officially in Wrestlemania season, and after an explosive Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV) and this week’s WWE television, the flagship event is currently loaded and locked with some pretty big matches.

The Universal title bout is secured and has been for a while now; the RAW Women’s title match has finally shaped up into a triple threat; however, the participants in the WWE World Heavyweight title still linger in the air.

Having said that, things will undeniably change this coming week. With Vince McMahon issuing a gauntlet challenge in front of Kofi Kingston for the next SmackDown LIVE, the odds are entirely stacked against him, which makes for perfect underdog storytelling. He’ll get to Wrestlemania, there’s no doubt about that, and we fans will enjoy watching this latest chapter unfold in Kofi’s incredible 11-year career.


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It’s #NationalPancakeDay, baybeeee!? @wwebige @xavierwoodsphd @thetruekofi

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He’s finally getting a chance at top-notch gold, and on the Grandest Stage of Them All no less.

It’s interesting how things happen in the land of the WWE. While Kingston has undeniably been one of the most popular WWE superstars over the years, both in singles competition and now with his New Day faction, he’s never been a talent that some thought could be placed in the main event spectrum, the WWE World Heavyweight title picture, or even headlining WM 35.


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@thetruekofi is walking into #SDLive with his head held high.

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But, thanks to all the suns and moons aligning, not to mention a Mustafa Ali injury and perhaps a lazy creative team in the way Kofi was booked for his Elimination Chamber gauntlet match, Kingston shouldn’t be on the Road to Wrestlemania, battling things out for WWE gold … but, alas, here he is.

Will the WWE Universe, those fans who have always followed Kingston and seen his worth in Money in the Bank matches, Royal Rumble spots, as well as those who may have hopped on the #Kofimania bandwagon, see Kofi finally attain holy grail status by becoming the top dog on SmackDown LIVE?

Reports indicate that the concept WWE officials have around the Daniel Bryan versus Kingston Wrestlemania bout is more about elevating DB’s status as a massive heel, versus pushing Kofi up to the very top of the WWE mountain, finally, after all these years.

Here’s my thought, if you will, WWE Creative.

On the one hand, I want to see Kofi Kingston win at Wrestlemania. Similar to Becky Lynch’s recent popularity, Kingston really shouldn’t be in the main event spotlight, but here he is. As an upper-mid-carder who has recently felt massive appeal thanks to his tag team work with New Day, Kingston seemed like the go-to guy when a spot needed to be filled in title race (elimination-type) match. We’ve seen him at MITB, and other qualifying bouts in the past, but no one ever really took Kingston as true contender because of where the superstar sat within the WWE ranks. Yes, New Day is a merchandising machine, but Kingston has never sat on the levels of a Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, or Seth Rollins when it came to the main event.

Until now …

So, on that aspect, I’d love to see him win that WWE World Heavyweight Championship. What a way to close an underdog chapter, a story many WWE fans thought they’d never seen.


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You want to vent? Here you go…

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On the other hand, without really knowing what will happen at WM, and just pure speculation on my part around the thinking that Lynch will probably take the cake during the main event and Seth Rollins will walk out the new Universal Champion, I too understand that all the babyfaces can’t emerge victorious that night. I mean, maybe they can, but there needs to be some ups and downs during the show.


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#TheNew @bryanldanielson & @thetruekofi are signing the contract for their #WWETitle match at #WWEFastlane TONIGHT on #SDLive!

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At the end of the day, there would be no better ending to this story than seeing Kingston lifting gold above his head, finally WWE Champion, after 11 years with the company, and at Wrestlemania. Organic push and all; proving that really anything can happen in the WWE; anyone can make their mark, whether the cards are stacked against them; whether they have always been part of a tag team; or whether the plan was for them, or another superstar that got injured before the momentum began rolling.

Just some food for though, WWE Creative.

And, just for good measure #Kofimania (all the way, bay-bee)




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