Alicia Fox in Serious Trouble With the WWE

Alicia Fox is in hot water with the WWE and she is allegedly struggling with alcohol, which is prompting the WWE to take action.

British newspaper The Sun reports that Alicia Fox is in hot water with the WWE. Alicia Fox is allegedly struggling with alcohol, which is prompting the WWE to take action.

Arn Anderson Fired for Letting Alicia Wrestle Intoxicated

Arn Anderson

A couple of weeks ago, Arn Anderson was released from the WWE. Recently, the alleged reason has surfaced. It is claimed that Anderson allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle while she was intoxicated. That led Vince McMahon to release Anderson immediately.

Offered Help But Gone AWOL

Alicia Fox went media silent for some time after the WWE offered her rehab. It is fact that Foxy has not wrestled since February 10 and she has been rather silent on all her social media accounts.

Since going AWOL from the WWE, Fox has posted on Instagram, making references to resilience and a digital detox. She would follow this post with another Instagram post, stating, “don’t spread with your mouth, what your eyes didn’t see.”

On Thin Ice

According to Fightful, Alicia Fox is currently on thin ice with the WWE due to recent incidents. Here are some of the known incidents involving Alicia over the past two years.

In 2017, Alicia Fox was set for a push. Apparently, she turned up two hours late for a WWE event during that time, which cost her the push she had been waiting for.

In the summer of 2018, the WWE was contemplating releasing Alicia Fox; this after Fox was filmed during a weird argument with Ronda Rousey’s husband. Now, it would seem the WWE decided against releasing Fox and offered her help instead.

Since going AWOL, there has been little news about Alicia Fox and her status within the WWE. If the stories surrounding Alicia are true, it is unlikely that we will see her much in the coming year. If they are true though, I hope Alicia looks for the help she needs and takes up the WWE’s offer for rehab.

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