A disturbing video is going viral this week that shows a high school student getting assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat and other pro-Donald Trump apparel to school.

The Daily Caller reported that the incident occurred at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Oklahoma, and the student was wearing MAGA gear as part of a fundraising event. Though the school does not normally allow students to wear hats to school, they were allowed to wear headgear for the fundraiser on this particular day.

The footage shows a student who has since been identified as 18-year-old Kenneth Dewayne Jones approach the young man, knock the hat off his head and yell a racial slur at him. In addition, Jones rips the boy’s MAGA cape off before walking away.

While Jones has received a court summons for assault and battery, he has not yet been charged. Instead, he and the student, who is underage, are heading to mediation.

“How the summons works is that the student who is an adult, who was given the municipal summons, and the parents of the other student in the hat — those parents will have to contact the city attorney’s office within five days,” explained Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon. “And then both parties will meet with the city attorney and try to work something out. If not, then it’s up to the city attorney to file the assault charges against the student who is an adult.”

The mainstream media is constantly making it look like Trump supporters are the violent and dangerous people in this country, which is why they ignore videos like this one. In reality, a growing number of cases are showing that it is actually liberals who are far more dangerous than their Trump supporting counterparts. Many videos are showing “triggered” liberals assaulting people wearing MAGA gear, and the media is giving them a completely free pass.

These assaults on Trump supporters are a direct result of the mainstream media relentlessly vilifying those who voted for our president. The media has made Trump supporters out to be so evil that liberals have started to see us as less than human, meaning they have no issue with assaulting us. If the media does not change their ways soon, this country is only going to become more and more dangerous for Trump supporters to survive in.

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