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Las Vegas police have launched a search for a thief who stole a package filled with $40,000 worth of cancer treatment drugs for a 14-year-old boy.

NBC Washington reported that doorbell security footage captured the thief stealing two packages from the front of the house last Thursday. Stacey Shavinsky, the boy’s mother, issued a desperate plea asking that the thief at least return the chemotherapy drugs that her son takes daily as he receives cancer treatments.

“You’re not just taking pants or a shirt, you’re taking something that’s keeping someone alive,” the desperate mother said.

Police believe that the suspect is in his 20s, and the security footage shows him wearing sunglasses, a red baseball cap, and a red plaid shirt.

Package stealing has unfortunately become more prevalent in recent years as online shopping has become more common. This thief likely did not know the package he was stealing contained cancer treatments, but that is absolutely no excuse for what he did. In fact, this case shows exactly why package stealing is such a heinous crime. These thieves have no idea what will be inside the packages they steal, and in this case, the box contained something that a cancer-stricken child depends on to survive.

That’s why we hope that if and when police catch this thief, they make an example of him and throw the book at him. Package stealing has gone far enough, and perhaps if a case makes headlines and a thief is finally given a harsher punishment, criminals will think twice before doing it.

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