Things got heated on the ABC talk show “The View” on Tuesday as conservative cohost Meghan McCain lost it on her colleagues over our nation’s abortion laws.

Fox News reported that the hosts were discussing the fact that Democrats shut down a Republican bill on Monday that would have threatened prison time for doctors who did not try and save the lives of babies who survived botched abortions. This enraged McCain, who could not hold back her anger and disgust at the Democratic Party.

“If Democrats want to win an election, going forward, are you going to be the party of late-term abortion? The party of infanticide,” McCain said as her cohosts tried to interrupt her. “Let me finish, please. This is well out of the mainstream of where Americans are at.”

McCain then blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, accusing Democrats who blocked the bill of trying to appeal to the leftwing darling. It’s previously been reported that many Democrats are terrified of Ocasio-Cortez turning on them, as she has become known for her abilities to “roast” leaders from both sides on Twitter.

“I believe AOC is the leader of the party,” McCain lamented. “If you think that is how you win back the White House, I’m here to tell you I’ve spent a lot of time in red states, I’m from a red state, that is a losing argument.”

Joy Behar then jumped in as Sunny Hostin tried to interject, but McCain refused to slow down, calling what the Democrats did “disgusting” and “infanticide.”

“The bill that the Senate Dems blocked yesterday, was to provide medical care for infants who survived failed abortions,” Hostin began, but McCain could not help but interrupt her once again.

“So those babies should be left on the table,” McCain asked.

Joy Behar loses it on McCain

This enraged Behar, who started snapping at McCain and asking her if she was going to let Hostin talk. As McCain continued to make noise as Hostin spoke, Behar finally threw the show to a commercial break. When they returned, Hostin briefly explained her point.

“This is a tough topic, I think, but in terms of the bill that the Senate Dems blocked yesterday, my understanding is that the reason it was blocked is because Dems felt there wasn’t a need for a new law, because it’s already required that medical care for infants born alive need be provided,” Hostin said. When McCain tried to give her response to this, Behar shut her down immediately, saying, “We got it, now we’re talking about the Kardashians.”

While McCain did not go about this the right way, we certainly can understand her frustration with this topic. What Democrats did on Monday IS infanticide, and having to listen to liberals try to justify their actions would be too frustrating for most of us to bear. McCain is repeatedly ganged up on, talked over, and interrupted by her liberal cohosts, so it’s good to see her giving them a taste of their own medicine and refusing to back down to them when it comes to abortion.

Sadly, McCain appears to be right about Ocasio-Cortez leading the Democratic Party, which is moving more radically left than ever before. This makes reelecting Trump in 2020 even more important because if the radical left is actually able to get a Democrat into the White House, there is no telling what they might do.