A Sky News host just shocked everyone by going on a massive rant against Meghan Markle on live television.

The U.K. Express reported that host Adam Boulton slammed Meghan over her extravagant baby shower as he sat down with reporters Jane Martinson and Jonathan Isaby, who both tried to reign him in, but Boulton continued to insist that Meghan is “tiresome.”

Meghan Markle is married into the royal family, yes, but she is an independent woman who has her own friends,” Isaby said.

“She is married into the royal family because she wants to enhance her celebrity,” Boulton fired back. “I mean, do we need celebrities?”

“That’s a bit unromantic of you, Adam,” Martinson said. “I mean she could have just fallen in love with the Prince. She didn’t necessarily marry into the family to become more famous.”

“You don’t think?” Boulton said, clearly not buying it.

“Well it might have been – it might have helped,” Martinson stammered. “Personally, I don’t have friends like her who could spend £330,000 on a baby shower but…”

“But what is the point here?” Boulton interrupted. “That a member of the royal family is taking all this extremely expensive hospitality – there’s kind of a quid pro quo here isn’t there?”

Meghan broke royal protocol by having her $500,000 baby shower, which was thrown for her by her best friends Jessica Mulroney and Serena Williams. Though some have been critical of the move, saying that it was far too flagrant a display of wealth, others have defended Meghan’s right to have a baby shower.

Regardless of how you feel about Meghan’s baby shower, this rant against her was certainly uncalled for. There is no evidence to support the assertion that she only married Prince Harry for his money, and she does not deserve to have her reputation tarnished in this way.

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