Kofi Kingston Vs Daniel Bryan Needs To Happen At Wrestlemania 35

Kofi Kingston Vs Daniel Bryan Needs To Happen At Wrestlemania 35. With all the momentum Kofi Kingston has had as of late, he deserves a title shot at WM 35.

When reports hit that Mustafa Ali was out of the Elimination Chamber due to an injury, the WWE Universe shrugged it shoulders; clearly, the powers that be would find someone to replace him. News was released shortly before last week’s edition of SmackDown LIVE that one member of the New Day would participate in the bout, but who (who, who, who, who) would it be?

Enter: Kofi Kingston.

The New Day being placed in title race singles matches is nothing new, with Kofi participating in last year’s Money in the Bank (MITB) as a fine example of how a member of this trio can sometimes be written in programs for non-tag action to help storylines along. More often that not, Kingston is given the job in these circumstances, but Xavier Woods and Big E have been given this opportunity in the past. Add a New Day member into singles action can help with entertainment value and storylines; however, most times fans realize that these men are added to these challenges to fill a spot, and aren’t really considered solid contenders.

Having said that, last night at the Elimination Chamber things felt different. Kofi Kingston has a ton fans and the crowd behind them, but there seemed to be a light of hope where fans were truly behind the superstar, wanting to see him win the match; wanting to see him become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Kingston performed exceptionally well during this past Tuesday’s SmackDown LIVE gauntlet match where it was clear that he was the New Day member chosen to participate in the Elimination Chamber match. Starting off the gauntlet match, Kofi had one of the best performances of his career, lasting over an hour and eliminating WWE greats like Daniel Bryan (current WWE World Heavyweight Champion), Jeff Hardy (a former champ), and Samoa Joe. Sure, he would end up getting eliminated by A.J. Styles, but Kofi’s showing in the match struck a cord with many in the WWE Universe, with a feel like, he could do this; he could really do this. The pancake-throwing, unicorn-horn-wearing, rainbow-loving Kofi could break from his stable mates, and truly be a contender for that WWE championship. This time felt different for some reason, it felt like a renewed push for Kingston. Sure, he gets plenty of air time and love by the company, as the entire New Day stable gets, but not anything that would ever indicate that he would get a real shot at WWE world title gold.

For anyone that follows wrestling spoilers and news, WNZ reported late last week that Kofi was given this said “push” at the gauntlet match because he replaced Ali, and the plan was Mustafa was going to perform well during the match: why rewrite what’s already in the books, right? Having said that, Kofi’s gauntlet performance became a really turning point for Kingston as Elimination Chamber was rounding the corner this week. Tuesday night’s performance by Kingston was an excellent reminder of the legacy he’s carved out in the company.

Kofi Kingston is WWE veteran that has (pretty much) done and seen it all. He’s won the Intercontinental Championship multiple times over; he’s won the United States Championship multiple times over; and of course is the longest-reigning tag team champion in WWE’s history, with eight tag reigns during his tenure; he also has the WWE Universe on their toes every Royal Rumble, waiting to see what kind of move he’ll pull out next.

Yes, he’s entertained the WWE masses for 11 crazy years, but has yet to be crowned WWE champion.

Is his time now?

After his performance last night, perhaps Kingston might be feeling a little bit of what Becky Lynch has experienced these past few months. An instance where the stars and moon align, and a great superstar can truly be pushed over the edge into something of epic proportions. Kofi’s two incredible performances behind him, as well as the WWE Universe and Twitter, equal out to a high-profile Wrestlemania match lingering in the shadows.

And with the fans both in the arena (on their feet), and at home (on the edge of their seats), during last night’s Elimination Chamber bout, and the amazing segment within the match between the NEW Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston, all arrows could be pointing to another bout between these two come the Grandest Stage of Them All. With everything that has happened this week and last night, Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania needs to happen: for Kingston, for the fans, for his WWE legacy.

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