Cain Velasquez to Fight This Weekend, Then Disappear Again Into the Netherworld

Even when Cain Velasquez was the heavyweight champ, getting him to the Octagon was a chore. Now... the dude is like a unicorn.

Like some sort of primeval beast of legend, long lost heavyweight star Cain Velasquez will emerge from the shadows to face Francis Ngannou at UFC on ESPN+2 this weekend. Then, no matter the outcome, he once more disappear into the netherworld, invisible but for the highlight reel clips.

I mean, that’s at least what it feels like.

Thanks to a never-ending slew of injuries, the dude has been on the sidelines far more often than in the Octagon since, well, since forever. Velasquez was even the champ – more than once – and he rarely fought.

So yeah, we’re getting him in the main event of the UFC’s next big ESPN bash. But you can bet it will be years before Velasquez is in the cage again. If ever.

Anyway, here’s a video of Velasquez in action. Because you probably forgot what that looks like.

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