Bellator 217 Results: Conor McGregor’s Lil’ Buddy Gets Back on Winning Track

James Gallagher is like a less talented, cut-rate version of teammate Conor McGregor - which is perfect for Bellator whenever they have shows in Ireland!

There’s only one Conor McGregor, which is great for the UFC, because, you know, Conor = money. But for the rest of the organizations out there, it’s rough and they’ve had to make due. For Bellator, that means having Conor’s lil’ buddy, James Gallagher on the roster.

Gallagher talks like his far more famous teammate, with all the brashness in the world. And he fights like Conor, if you swap out fast knockout-hands for fast submissions. Of course, he’s still not quite like the real thing. But it’s the closest thing Bellator is going to get to having an Irish superstar fight for them (not counting Conor starting brawls in the audience).

Last night, Bellator 217 went down in Dublin, Ireland, and Gallagher was the man of the hour.

Keep in mind, last year Gallagher got KO’d pretty handily by Ricky Bandejas, so this was sort of Bellator seeing if they’re investment in Conor’s lil’ buddy is still worth it.

And guess what? When you match Gallagher up with a total nobody like Steven Graham, it probably is still worth it. Gallagher caught a kick, throw him down, took his back, and eventually tapped him out with a choke.

Hooray for mouthy Irishman in squash matches!


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