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A Look Back at D-Generation X

Since D-Generation X [1] will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, it is time to have a closer look at this legendary faction who ruled the roost during the Attitude Era. Let’s take a look back at D-Generation X and their achievements.

Debut in 1997

D-Generation X made their official debut in 1997. The faction originally consisted of three wrestlers — Shawn Michaels [2], Triple H [3], and Chyna [4] as their enforcer.

D-Generation X Invades WCW

One of the most memorable moments of D-Generation X is their invasion of WCW. At the time, the WWE were embroiled in an all-out war to be the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. As a gimmick, D-Generation X [5] decided to invade the grounds of WCW, fully believing they would be kicked out or arrested. In the end, it turned into one of the most memorable moments in television.

D-Generation X Versus the Legion Of Doom

Over the course of their career, D-Generation X had some memorable matches. One of the most memorable happened in the early days of their faction, more specifically when they faced the Legion of Doom [6] on December 15, 1997.

To make a long story short, the Legion of Doom was eventually overpowered by the sheer numbers of D-Generation X, leading to some unexpected shaving.

Superkick Out of Nowhere

Another memorable moment of D-Generation X can be attributed to Shawn Michaels [7]. To prove he was controversial, Michaels super-kicked everyone in his path on Cyber Sunday 2006. Another memorable piece of DX television.

The McMahon Impersonation

Triple H [8] and Shawn Michaels were not afraid to push the envelope in the name of D-Generation X. In 2006, they did an impression of the McMahon family, which has undoubtedly gone down in history.

Other Memorable Moments

There are dozens of memorable moments that can be attributed to D-Generation X, so we have to contain our excitement somewhat! If you want to see more special moments from DX, be sure to check out the video below!

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