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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Could Change The Game

It seems like the WWE Universe has been hearing whispers about a potential set of women’s tag team titles for months now, with rumblings in and around the time the Evolution pay-per-view (PPV) was announced.

Well, thanks to last night’s Moment of Bliss [3], speculation around when and where, as well as how the first-ever WWE Women’s tag team champions would be crowned, is now over.

As per the segment on the January 14th edition of Monday Night RAW [4], Alexa Bliss revealed that the first-ever WWE women’s tag champions would be determined during an Elimination Chamber match, at the PPV of the same name, a mere five weeks away on Sunday February 17th. She would go on to state that three SmackDown LIVE teams and three from RAW would battle it out in the structure, with the winning team crowned first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. While the ladies participating have yet to be revealed, Little Miss Bliss did reveal something to the audience, in the form of some beautiful-looking new titles.

With the McMahon family’s promise [13] of a “fresh start” and new era on the horizon back in December, the women’s tag titles’ story could align very perfectly with the concept [14], and truly change the game for not only the female divisions on both brands, but the company as a whole.


Obvious one, but let’s face it: the words “first-ever” and “women’s wrestling” [15] are dwindling, yet still create a stir within the WWE Universe tremendously. Fans love gulping up first-evers for the female superstars on either brand, and launching tag titles, during Wrestlemania season, is historic, on so many different levels.

PPV Presence

While once an after thought with shows, events, and PPVs, the female superstars continue to hold a strong presence within the WWE, as the evolution within women’s wrestling and the brand trailblazes on. Fans have seen female talent take center stage in some cases, not only sprinkled adequately within PPVs and shows, but main eventing them at that. Talk about taking it up a notch when it comes to introducing tag titles, though. Not that having a championship means you always make it on the main card, as SD LIVE’s tag team gold often (and still) remain an after thought when it comes to PPVs; however, once these champions are determined come Elimination Chamber, the first-ever WWE women’s tag champions are sure to have a spotlight on them for events to come and heading into Wrestlemania, with a guaranteed spot within shows, events, and PPV cards for at least the next few months following Elimination Chamber.

Inter-brand Storylines

One major miss since [21] the brand extension concept was re-introduced in 2016 has been inter-brand storylines and programs, with Survivor Series season being an exception. With one set of WWE women’s tag titles to split between the company, this idea would be able to truly flourish. The divisions and teams within both brands vying for the bragging rights of having the titles on their show makes for a very interesting storyline, with the potential of SD LIVE women showing up on RAW (and vice-versa) on a consistent basis; adding an element of surprise and shock that the fans need to help boost television ratings. This changes the game for the WWE, for each show, for PPVs, and with both brands now spotlighted at each monthly pay-per-view, the storylines and programs [22] amongst superstars who aren’t necessarily on the same brand can continue to flow. The company has experienced some positive reception when it comes to the Ronda Rousey/Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair feud [23], and this could be an on-going concept for the tag titles, which creates an interesting angle moving forward. Social media banter between these female talents can also create some hype in between.

Yes, the Women’s tag team championships are sure to truly change the game not only for the female superstars within the locker room, but the WWE, as well.