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Royal Rumble (1/27/2019) Results: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins Are Going To WrestleMania

WrestleNewz brings you live play-by-play coverage, results and viewing party for tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble [1] pay-per-view broadcast. Kick-off starts at 5 PM EST and the main show begins at 7 PM EST on WWE Network. Be sure to tweet and follow @wrestlenewz [2] on Twitter. There are several title matches that feature superstars from RAW and SmackDown. Pus, the road to WrestleMania 35 begins as their a pair of Rumble Matches [3] to see who gets a title shot at the biggest show of the year. Lots at stake tonight!


Rezar & Scott Dawson vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Bonus match to start the show and a strange pairing of Rezar and Scott Dawson, who do not have the best chemistry. Chad Gable has lots of problems trying to get the tag. The tag happens and then there’s miscommunication on Rezar and Dawson. Roode and Gable get the victory with the neck breaker moonsault combo on Dawson.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

United States Championship: Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura won the Rumble Match last year and is now working the pre-show. A triangle choke from Nakamura and it appears Rusev tapped, but the referee doesn’t call for the bell. Nakamura removes the turnbuckle pad and Lana is yelling at him on the apron. Rusev accidentally knocks Lana off the apron and she grabs her ankle. Nakamura hits the finisher to become a two time champion.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura to become the new United States Champion

Fatal Four-Way Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami vs. Kalisto

Another pay per view and another Cruiserweight Championship match on the pre-show. Bunch of crazy spots on the apron like Kalisto sending Tozawa flying onto Murphy. Then there’s Murphy tying to power bomb Kalisto, but Tozawa with a suicide dive and that Kalisto turns the momentum into a hurricanrana to send Murphy head-first into the barricade. Tons of big spots from everyone. Murphy uses double knees to take care of Tozawa and Kalisto. He uses Murphy’s Law to pin Itami.

Winner: Buddy Murphy to remain Cruiserweight Champion

Main Card

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

Both women are showing some attitude. At one point, both get their submissions by using the ropes to strengthen the move. They fight on the apron and take a nasty fall on the floor. Lots of trading submissions with Asuka getting the tap out win.

Winner: Asuka to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon

Shane comes out like a mad men and eventually The Bar take control by working over The Miz. Shane goes for coast to coast on the champions, but is caught in the big swing and Cesaro spins them around for a good 30 plus seconds. The Miz saves Shane from taking a brogue kick. Shane connects with a shooting star press off the top rope to pin Cesaro.

Winners: The Miz & Shane McMahon to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

RAW Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks

Crowd is giving Ronda Rousey some heat and an intense stare down between these two. On the outside, Banks ducks a punch and Rousey punches the steel post; hurting her hand and damaging the screen. Banks gets a suplex off the top rope and she keeps working on Rousey’s arm. Banks goes for a second suicide dive and is caught in an armbar. She taps, but they’re on the outside and it doesn’t count. Ton of submission attempts and Rousey gets Piper’s Pit for the victory. Both show respect after the match, but Banks returns and does the Four Horsewomen symbol.

Winner: Ronda Rousey to remain RAW Women’s Champion

Women’s Royal Rumble Match for a Women’s Championship Match at WrestleMania 35

Lacey Evans and Natalya get the unluckiest numbers. Natalya with a double sharpshooter on Evans and Mandy Rose. Live Morgan is fourth out and the first eliminated in the match. Via Li is the first surprise entrant of the night. Favorite Charlotte Flair is number 13. Kairi Sane is another surprise entrant.

Candace LeRae becomes another surprise entrant at number 17. She is followed by Alicia Fox at 18.

At number 19 we get Kacy Catanzaro, a former competitor in American Ninja Warrior.

At number 20, it’s Zelina Vega. She and Candace LeRae reignite their feud as soon as Vega gets in the ring.

At 21, it’s Ruby Riott. Now all three members of Riott Squad are in the ring, and they drag Charlotte out of the ring to beat on her before going after other women.

Number 22 is Dana Brooke.

Number 23 is another NXT Superstar, Io Sharai. She immediately goes after the Riott Squad, delivering her signature moonsault to the trio.

At number 24, it’s the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley!

At 25, it’s Sonya DeVille’s turn.

Zelnia Vega was then scard out from under the ring by none other than Hornswoggle! She ran out and into the ring, where Rhea Ripley eliminated her. Vega was then chased to the back by Hornswoggle.

Alexa Bliss came out for number 26, her first time in the Rumble. At 27, it was Bayley-and the crowd was happy to see her.

At 28 we got a limping Lana, who just couldn’t get to the ring.

29 was Nia Jax. She was followed at 30 by Carmella. But the real final entrat was Becky Lynch-who immediately went after Jax. Lynch got in thanks to Lana’s injury.

The final four: Bayley, Charlotte, Becky and Nia Jax

Bayley is out first.

Nia then takes on the remaining women, singling out Charlotte.

Flair muscles Jax over the rope to the apron, and Lynch pulls her off to the floor. We are down to Charlotte and Becky.

As Becky makes her way back into the ring, Nia Jax attacks, leaving Becky with an injured knee.

Becky managed to get Charlotte over the top and to the floor, winning her way to a WrestleMania main event!

Winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble, and a title shot at WrestleMania: Becky Lynch!

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan both showing aggression. Styles gets a bloody nose and keeps checking on it; so it might be broken. The crowd is silent; probably tired after the Women’s Rumble Match. Bryan goes for a backdrop off the top rope and Styles gets out as they both fall to the canvas. Referee is inadvertently knocked down as Styles gets the clash. For some reason, Rowan gets involved and choke slams Styles. Bryan and the referee are up for the three count.

Winner: Daniel Bryan to remain WWE Champion

Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Bálor

Finn Balor is out first. No doubt there are some fans disappointed that we didn’t get the Demon for this one.

Balor went right after Lesnar from the opening bell, stunning the champion momentarily.

The action went to the outside, and Balor used the corner of the announce table to his advantage, shoving The Beast into it several times and doubling over the champ.

Most of Lesnar’s offense was neutralized due to the table spot earlier. Finn hit a ton of offense, including his Coupe de Grace, but out of nowhere, Lesnar went from kicking out of a pinfall to locking in his Kimora, getting Finn to submit.

Winner, and still Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar

Men’s Royal Rumble Match for a World Championship Match at WrestleMania 35

Elias, who drew number 1, is signing as we get close to 11 PM on the east coast. He is interrupted by number 2, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. Duet doesn’t last long and neither does Jarrett.

Shinsuke Nakamura is number 3 and number 4 is another Hall of Famer in Kurt Angle. Our first New Day member is out with Big E at number 5. Nakamura eliminates Angle.

Number 6 is a NXT surprise in Johnny Gargano and Jinder Mahal is number 7. Gargano makes quick work of Mahal. The Singh Brothers take a beating as well.

Mood changes as Samoa Joe is number 8. Joe gets rid of Big E as Hawkins enters at number 9, but decides to go under the ring. The odds on favorite Seth Rollins is number 10. Rollins gets Elias out of there as Titus O’Neil enters at number 11. He slows down to not trip. Hawkins actually gets rid of Titus and Joe tosses Hawkins.

Kofi Kingston is number 12 and Mustafa Ali is 13, who sends Nakamura over the top rope. Dean Ambrose is number 14 and he goes right for Rollins.

Kingston is almost eliminated, but some fancy footwork keeps him in there. Ambrose chucks Gargano. Number 15 is No Way Jose, who has no chance to win. He last maybe two seconds before Joe sends him over the top. Jose doesn’t care.

At 16 we get Drew McIntyre. 17 is Xavier Woods, who is quickly eliminated. At 18, we get the NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne.

Andrade comes down at number 19, his second appearance in the Royal Rumble. He is followed at 20 by Apollo.

21 gives us Aleister Black, which makes the crowd happy.

Mustafa Ali has a shocking elimination of Samoa Joe.

At 23, Baron Corbin makes his entry into the Rumble. Jeff Hardy joins him as entrant 24.

In at 25, we have future Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. He won’t have to top his personal best tonight if he wants to win the Rumble.

Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley is in at 26. An Intercontinental Champ has never won the Rumble, and they won’t stop that this year, as Lashley is quickly eliminated. He responds by snapping at Rollins, yanking him out of the ring and putting Rollins through the announce table. That’s one way to keep Rollins in longer.

Braun Strowman enters the Rumble at number 27.

At 28, Dolph Ziggler returns from hiatus and takes a break from his comedy tour. Ziggler quickly eliminates Drew McIntyre.

At number 29, it’s time for Randy Orton to come in and try to win another Rumble

At 30, we were supposed to get R-Truth, but he was attacked by Nia Jax. Jax then stormed down to the ring and entered the men’s Rumble.

Our final four: Ziggler, Andrade, Strowman and Rollins-but both Strowman and Rollins are laid out on the outside.

Final two of Rollins and Strowman. Strowman went to launch Rollins out, and the two men battled on the apron before Rollins nailed a curb stomp on the apron to send Strowman to the floor.

Your winner of the men’s Royal Rumble, heading to WrestleMania for a championship match: Seth Rollins