Why Are Young Bucks Invading Indy Shows + Who Owns All In Footage?

-Over recent days, some members of All Elite Wrestling have been making rounds on the indy scene, “invading” some smaller shows. Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer was at one such show recently, and reported on The Young Bucks appearing at a Defy show.

Alvarez indicated that the Young Bucks were looking to keep themselves busy until action with All Elite picks up later this year. The duo (and others) also see the indy invasion as a way to thank some of the fans who have supported them throughout the years.

Also, for All Elite Wrestling, having some of their biggest stars making rounds should serve a couple purposes too. It gets the company more exposure. Some fans there may not be familiar with some of their roster. It’s a way to win over new fans. It’s also a great way for guys like the Bucks and Cody Rhodes to potentially scout future talent that All Elite Wrestling could possibly be interested in.

For all involved, the business decision seems like a win/win, low risk high reward scenario.

-Speaking of All Elite Wrestling, the brand was no doubt inspired to launch at least partially because of the wildly successful 2018 show ALL IN. But, considering this show was an all-indy affair, who owns the footage?

While the show really established the power of The Elite, Ring of Honor had a lot to do with the effort as well. The company provided support and lots of talent for the show. Ring of Honor also owns the ALL IN footage. Wrestling Observer reports that this ownership fact is another reason why The Elite are invading random indy shows. Most of their major stars have recently worked in Ring of Honor or New Japan-meaning that All Elite has no canned video clips to use when they start putting together a television show. Creating clips that major promotions can’t claim ownership of helps All Elite out.

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