What Dean Ambrose’s Exit Could Cost The WWE, Renee Young’s Status

The WWE Universe was rocked earlier this week with news that Dean Ambrose was leaving the WWE after Wrestlemania 35, in which the company released a statement confirming it. Clearly, we are living a new era where the WWE seems to be trying to be a little more transparent with fans.


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Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April.

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There’s no denying that Dean Ambrose’s exit is a huge loss for the WWE, not only because of his talent and all the titles he’s racked up during his tenure, but a for a slew of other reasons.

Oh, You Didn’t Know’s Brad Shepard recently noted what WWE stands to lose once Ambrose leaves. Being a part of the Shield, one of the most popular factions in recent history, without The Lunatic Fringe the company loses any potential for a reunion. Moreover, Dean has been a part of many stellar moments within the recent past (both with the Shield and in singles action), which all can be found on The Network. If and when Ambrose joins another promotion, how can these moments be shared on a regular basis? They’ll be a continually reminder that Dean is not with the WWE, but somewhere else.


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– Then, there’s the issue of his wife. Most fans know that Ambrose is married to Renee Young, the first-ever female color commentator for Monday Night RAW, which may make things a tad awkward for all involved. This has brought some speculation around Young’s status with the company. Renee recently posted a photo of her husband on Instagram, in support of his decision to leave the WWE.


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This guy. The world is yours, my love. ?? no guts no glory.

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As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there seems to be no indication that Renee will be following Dean Ambrose anytime soon. In the past, there have been numerous couples with one working in the WWE, and another working elsewhere; however, in the case Cody Rhodes, his wife Brandi (Eden) followed him when he left. On the other hand, AJ Lee worked for the WWE for a while after CM Punk left the company, only to retire after a little while.


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Get you friends who laugh and point at you on TV. Jerks!!!!

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Renee Young is highly talented, professional, and truly charismatic. She has had offers from ESPN in the past, but has always stuck with the WWE. It’s highly unlikely she’d leave the company, but never say never. Circumstances change all the time.

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