The Golden Globes Might Get Its Worst Rating in a Decade

golden globes ratings

According to the early numbers, the Golden Globe awards televised on Sunday night might have received its worst ratings in a decade.

According to the left-leaning site Deadline, while reports that last year’s Golden Globes garnered the lowest ratings in six years, this year’s ratings might be five percent lower.

“Following the six-year ratings low of last year’s Seth Meyers hosted Globes, NBC were looking for a win in the numbers,” Deadline reports. “However, on a Sunday of little primetime competition on broadcast or cable and the big lead-in of that Philadelphia Eagles’ close win over the Chicago Bears, it looks like the Comcast-owned net were denied.”

“In the final ratings, the 2018 Globes hoisted a 5.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 19.0 million viewers, a double digit demo decline from 2017 and the worst the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event had done since 2012,” Deadline notes.

This is noteworthy because the Golden Globes had gone out of its way this year to advertise itself as a non-political event.

But did anyone believe it? Do most Americans believe liberal Hollywood is capable of containing themselves on such a platform?

And of course, they couldn’t.

One award winner Sunday urged viewers to “resist at the ballot box.” Actor Christian Bale called Dick Cheney an “a–hole” and said he was inspired by Satan to portray the ex-vice president in the movie “Vice.”

Americans are sick and tired of being lectured to by out-of-touch elites who have no connection to the average person. Virtually every awards show at this point is little more than a national platform for actors and entertainers to tell half the country that they’re stupid for not being as enlightened as Hollywood.

While most people enjoy a good movie, they do not like constantly being patronized and insulted.

The reason the Golden Globes is suffering a ratings slump isn’t hard to figure out. In fact, producers are obviously aware of this problem and tried to emphasize that it would not be a political show.

But viewers know better. Liberals are gonna liberal.

On Sunday, they were right.