Jason Jordan Update, 205 Live Again Changing Dates

– At one point, Jason Jordan was a set for a major push. So much, WWE named him Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son and the plan was for him to defeat his “father” at WrestleMania 34. That all changed when Jordan needed neck surgery a few months before the major show and is yet to return to TV after almost a year away.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they mentioned that Jordan is fine but still dealing with issues about gripping objects in one hand. Whenever there is an issue involving the neck or back with a loss of grip, it is always troublesome and something WWE pays close attention to.

While there is still no word if the former American Alpha superstar will return inside the ring, he has been working as a backstage producer. He has been putting some matches together and is said to be fitting in well.

– The past few months have seen 205 Live getting tossed around. Originally, the show was filmed live and would air right after SmackDown. That changed when the second season of the Mixed Match Challenge began as the cruiserweight brand was switched to Wednesdays. 

Now that the Mixed Match Challenge is over, it seems that 205 Live will return to Tuesday night. On the WWE Network’s schedule, the have a new episode listed for 10 PM EST this Tuesday.

205 Live has always struggled to gain a large audience, despite the brand having several match of the year candidates. Now that the show appears to be returning to live action and there will be no spoilers, perhaps more viewers will tune in.

As of right now, WWE is yet to officially confirm that 205 Live is returning to Tuesday nights. They could make an announcement or quietly just move the show back to its original time slot. We will certainly know come Tuesday night what WWE decides.

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