Jane Curtin’s New Year’s Resolution Is for the Republican Party to Die

Jane Curtin new years resolution

Former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Jane Curtin, perhaps best known for her portrayal as a “Conehead,” said on Monday night that her New Year’s resolution for 2019 was “to make sure that the Republican party dies.”

Curtin made these comments on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show along with many other celebrities.

Other celebrities had less hateful resolutions. Singer Ashlee Simpson said she wanted to “focus on love…and positivity.” Liberal actress and activist Lena Dunham resolved to “kiss more gay men on the lips consensually.” Actress Patricia Arquette said she wanted to “stop caring about New Year’s resolutions.”

“My New Year’s Resolution is to make sure that the Republican Party dies”

But Curtin went full political. This should surprise no one. As a member of the original SNL cast, which was famously liberal, Curtin is simply joining the anti-Trump Hollywood chorus. The 71-year-old joins actors like Alec Baldwin, Ben Stiller, and Robert DeNiro and others who never miss an opportunity to attack the president.

Curtin’s comments went viral, with both liberals and conservatives chiming in. Some on the left praised Curtin to the hilt, even calling her their “spirit animal.” Others were disgusted that she would use a moment of national joy and unity to be so venomous and divisive.

Which brings up a good point: As much as the left likes to talk about the right being hateful, it’s more often liberals than conservatives who can’t spew anything but hate when it comes to President Trump. It’s as if nothing he has done is good.

Didn’t President Trump just sign a criminal justice reform bill? Didn’t he just announce the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria? Didn’t he just sign off on new gun control measures?

Aren’t these things liberals like?

Apparently not. Their hatred of Donald Trump now supersedes any principles they may have once had. Jane Curtin apparently has so much rage in her that she wants the GOP to die.

This is not healthy. Liberals like her need far more self-examination than the conservatives they are constantly attacking.