Conor McGregor Wants Floyd Mayweather’s Sloppy Seconds

You know what they call the person second in line to take advantage of a situation someone else already took advantage of? An opportunist.

On New Years Eve, superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather trekked to Japan to fight kickboxing stud Tenshin Nasukawa. It, uh, wasn’t even a remotely close match.

It was, however, the easiest payday Mayweather has seen in a while. You know those Japanese – they’ll pay through the nose to see one of their countrymen get destroyed by a foreigner.

Now Irish whiskey-maker Conor McGregor wants in on the action. I mean, poor Tenshin didn’t even last a full round with Mayweather, so how long could he last against McGregor in an MMA bout?

For his part, Tenshin seems cool with the idea. Of course, he stipulates that McGregor will have to cut down to just under 128 pounds for that fight to happen. (Note: McGregor looks ghastly when he cuts down to 145 – ain’t now way he can make 128 pounds!) Also, kickboxing only, son.

So yeah, let’s just file this match-up under “folly” for now.

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