Man, it seems like a hundred years ago that legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko was on top, a god among mortals. And he really was the best, wasn’t he? Despite never setting foot in the Octagon, he beat the best of the big boys in brutal fashion.

Of course, the distance between then and now is vast. Fedor’s fall from the top, though inevitable (it’s always inevitable), was heartbreaking. It’s been made all the more heartbreaking because… the dude is still fighting!

Somehow, Fedor has made it to the end of the Bellator heavyweight grand prix. In fact, he’s one half of the main event of Bellator 214 this coming weekend. He’s facing Ryan Bader.

Now, if this fight were taking place at the height of Fedor’s powers, Bader would already be dead. But this is old Fedor we’re talking about. The prospect of Saturday night ending in sadness is pretty high.

Here’s some hype Bellator has put together for their aged hero. Watch and see if any feelings of nostalgia creep up within you.

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