Aiden English New Role, AEW Trademark, Christian Hosting New Show

-As of last night’s 205 Live, Aiden English has become a member of the announce team. English has not been seen in a WWE ring since his brief feud with Rusev wrapped up last October.

WWE has been trying Aiden English out in the broadcast role down in the Performance Center. Per feedback from Michael Cole (who is also responsible for on-air talent at WWE), English took to the job well. For now, it is expected that Aiden English will work alongside Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness at least through WrestleMania, per WWE’s announcement.

Considering how good Aiden English has been on the mic, cutting promos and singing for Rusev Day, it’s not a huge shock to find he’s performing well on commentary. While he still should have a chance in the ring, having a new voice and viewpoint for announcing can be a positive too.

All Elite continues to make news. This time, they’ve recently filed for a new trademark. This time, they’ve applied for “Change the universe”.

The phrase being trademarked was first coined, in relation to All Elite Wrestling, by Chris Jericho at their recent Jacksonville rally. This is noteworthy because of the oft-used term “WWE Universe”, which of course is how World Wrestling Entertainment refers to its legion of fans.

It will be interesting to see if WWE is able to mount a legal challenge to the filing on that grounds. Since the two companies are in the same industry, and WWE has been using Universe for years, there could be something to watch there. Regardless, it’s clear All Elite has big plans moving forward.

-WWE Legend Christian is hosting a new show on the History Channel. Knight Fight debuts tonight on the channel. The show features men dressing up as knights to compete in armored battle.

Christian will serve as the host and judge of this unique combat sporting event. It’s always good to see WWE Superstars (and Legends, in this case) getting some exposure to a wider audience.

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