WWE’s Offer To Cody Rhdes + Former WWE Talent Seriously Injured

-In what is probably the storyline of at least the last half of 2018, many have discussed if Cody Rhodes will return to WWE. His Ring of Honor contract is basically over, and it’s expected that he will not re-sign. Rhodes is part of the hottest faction in wrestling today-The Elite. It has long been rumored that WWE would spend big to bring Rhodes “home”. That speculation only ramped up further when Roman Reigns stepped away due to leukemia.

However, on a recent live show, Cody Rhodes basically stated that he had turned down a WWE offer within the past month. He called the chances of him returning to WWE slim, and instead began stoking the idea of a sequel to the incredibly successful ALL IN event.

While it would be great to see Rhodes and talents like The Young Bucks come to WWE in 2019, it may be a long shot. Considering the success of ALL IN, if Rhodes really has a sequel or two in the works, it’s no wonder why he was comfortable in turning down WWE money for now. Of course, in pro wrestling, minds can be changed quickly, and what someone tells us is not always to be believed. For now, however, it seems Cody Rhodes will not be returning.

– While newer fans may not be familiar with the name, Jason Sensation was a WWE personality in the past. He was known for a very good impression of the late Owen Hart.

More recently, Jason Sensation made news of a less humorous kind, as he commented about appearing on a live WWE TV broadcast to harm himself. Fortunately he did not go through with those plans.

Now comes news that the wrestling personality was injured as a car plowed into his bike. He posted a gruesome picture on Twitter, and thanked bystanders for effectively saving his life.

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