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Remember how funny “The Carol Burnett Show” was? The series that ran beginning in 1967 and through most of the 70s gave us endless laughs and there were so many great skits, it’s hard to remember them all.

This toilet paper skit, however, was an instant classic.

As Carol Burnett walks into her home after returning from the store, she finds a toilet paper roll strangely mounted in her refrigerator with a message on it.

“It’s from my son,” says Burnett.

“Your toilet tissue isn’t soft enough, so I went to the library – forever. Love, Bobby,” she reads.

Burnett waves her hand and dismisses him. “Oh, he’s such a card,” she laughs.

But then she finds another toilet paper roll with a message in her cupboard.

“‘Dear Mom’ it’s from my daughter,” Burnett says.

“I ran off with a motorcycle gang that had softer toilet tissue. Lulu.”

“She tried to warn me but I just wouldn’t change brands,” Burnett says sadly.

And what happens next is just as hilarious.

Watch the entire video. You’ll be glad you did!

Sketch comedy shows like Carol Burnett’s created a new path for comedy, paving the way for future television like “SNL.” Unfortunately, today’s sketch comedy and late night shows are saturated with politics, isolating plenty of Americans who just don’t agree with the mainstream’s point of view. We need to get back to the good days of late night when the entire family, no matter their political background, could enjoy an hour watching TV together.

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