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The success of the Evolution pay-per-view proves once and for all that female wrestlers are made from strong stuff. So strong even, they did not need massive promotion or the creative team to come up with intricate storylines to make Evolution a success.

One of the women who left an impact on the women’s wrestling world – and widow of Eddie Guerrero – Vickie Guerrero spoke out about the success of Evolution and how it is only a matter of time before women get their own network. I certainly love her enthusiasm.

Vickie’s Involvement in Evolution

Vickie Guerrero



Being the woman who invented the iconic “Excuse me” as the SmackDown Live General Manager, Vickie Guerrero could not be missing from the celebration. I’ve always adored Vickie, finding her incredibly funny.

Vickie was featured briefly during Evolution. Now 50-years-old, Vickie said the following about the experience.

“I love motivating and supporting the girls and it is a great celebration. It’s incredible the women have an opportunity to headline their own pay-per-view. This year they have their own pay-per-view, may be next they will have their own network. You never know but I’m dreaming big here guys.”

A women’s only network is not a bad idea, but probably not in the cards for the WWE for the next decade or so. That being said, the women of the WWE put on an amazing show and they should be rewarded for that.

A Future Return for Vickie?

Vickie made several appearances this year, even though she no longer works for the WWE. She currently works as a medical administrator, but admitted she has not ruled out a comeback in the future.

I must admit, Vickie Guerrero’s return was one of my favorite moments of this year’s women’s Royal Rumble. I would love to see her in the future, especially in a managerial capacity. Some may not agree with me, but Vickie has been a cornerstone in the world of wrestling. While she had a minimal role in the ring, she brought comedy every week.

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