man falls through waffle house ceiling


Man Falls Through Waffle House Ceiling – Fists Immediately Start Flying

At Waffle House, you can get your hash browns scattered, smothered, and covered – but what about fallen, beat down, and bruised? At an Alabama Waffle House on Sunday, as strange as it sounds – and the video is even stranger – a man fell through the roof of the restaurant and immediately began fighting people.

I swear I’m not making this up.

27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost fell through the upper level of the restaurant in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and as soon as he landed – not wearing any pants – he began assaulting customers and Waffle House employees.

Watch the video. It’s insane:

You can’t make this up!

Bost reportedly climbed into the ceiling after locking himself in the bathroom, according to Alabama’s WAAY. He supposedly climbed through the ceiling tiles after tying his blue jeans to the door.

After his crash on the floor and immediate fighting afterward, police chased Bost down as he fled the scene in his car. He then escaped by fleeing on foot. Law enforcement officials said there is a warrant for his arrest.

More than a few people had fun with this crazy story on social media.

Some social media commenters and others cited an earlier erroneous report that the man was living in the ceiling above the restaurant. This is not believed to be the case at this time.

But it remains a truly unbelievable situation.

“We’re not sure why this gentleman went into the bathroom and crawled up onto our ceiling,” Pat Warner, Waffle House spokesman told Fox News.

Warner sounded confused in his statement to Fox News, as we all are. One thing is for sure, though. That was one entertaining

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